U12 – WEEK 8

This week has been incredibly commission based. I have not only completed personal tasks that I set myself but encouraged others with their plans and enjoyed it overall. Even though we have only had 4 days of this week due to not having Monday at college because it was a bank holiday Monday we have come so far as a whole group. We have had a numerous amount of meetings and we have confirmed certain things that were raised confusion with everyone. From Tues and Wednesday we worked on our own individual pieces ready for the presentation in progress next week on Monday. We have done our work in progress 3b task and we recognized the parts where there are holes in our thought process. Ideas were arose throughout these discussions and that included marketing, costume, music…etc due to the techies in the group also.

Thursday 20th April 2017 –

Today we had a meeting at 11:30 to talk about the marketing as a whole year group so that we all understood what was happening, who should be doing certain things within the project, what we can do as a whole group to raise awareness of this show. Here is the link to our meeting below:

  • Advertisement on the Theater Royal website. Other kind of advertisement is for us to figure out and deal with. Flyers and posters were discussed to provide around our neighborhood and places we work to raise our game because we want this to be sold out.
  • Accessible to people in the college. Posters around the college.
  • Cover photo to be changed to ‘Saints and Sinners’ logo.
  • Targets to other people. How many tickets to sell each.
  • Promotional performance – snippets of what will be in the show for open evening next Tuesday (25th) – Parents who will want to bring their children
  • Logo on the flyer? Would it make sense? – Clean and designed in a way so it’s simple to look at and not so many words so it’s easier to read.
  • Sian and Leah are going to create the flyers
  • Sian has completed a schedule for all of us to follow which talks about the marketing side of things where a certain amount of people are posting at a time and it will rotate.
  • Setting up an event – needs to be done urgently.
  • Instagram hashtags – Good standard, snippets of rehearsals.
  • Trailers are to be made. Leah.

Once this meeting was finished we all set to work and did as much as we could that we had just spoken about.

Sian created a schedule for the marketing –

Schedule marketing

The reason for the last column being empty is because this is where we aim to have sold all the tickets for our last show as a year group.

Leah created a trailer to share amongst Facebook.


Above are the two versions of the cover photo that we are to use for Facebook marketing. The first version doesn’t fit properly so Leah Sanders did another version so it would fit. It’s not perfectly center unfortunately but I don’t know how to change this so I will have to talk to Leah about it and see if we could make this better.

What Alex Ray had asked Han was to talk to the Theater Royal so block off the seats on the top row due to the use of follow spots.

Friday 21st April 2017 –

Bring on the men meeting with all the girls that are involved. Daytona and Vicky didn’t turn up to this meeting so the rest of us agreed that they couldn’t have a huge amount of input because they weren’t there to discuss their own views.

Here is the video clip of our meeting and what we discussed.

Once we finished the meeting the dancers and myself decided that we would start looking for the costumes that we are thinking about wearing. Considering that we decided that it would be an act on the stage in the club we want to wear the same costume. The final decision was made after at least an hour of looking and thinking of different ideas to suit the cabaret theme. The picture below is what we decided for the dancers to wear. Black corsets, Black and red skirts that we will tie up at the back, fishnets and character shoes. This will be easy for us to slip into and the costume in my point of view makes everything seem so real and by wearing this type of costume I go straight into the character that I need to be in.


There aren’t enough costumes for both Daytona and Lou we decided that they would be wearing something else. Considering they won’t be dancing in this piece because they either feel uncomfortable or cannot physically dance due to medical reasons.

Once we chose these costumes we listened to the track of ‘Bring on the men’ around 7 times before choreographing anything. We have to consider the footwear we have chosen at all times so we have to be aware of the moves that we execute.

As a whole, we decided that we didn’t know enough yet about the style that we are dancing to continue choreographing this piece and so we stopped at this point and chose to research some more and the next time we meet up we will discuss what we have found and then go on from there.


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  1. evidence for problem solving (3.1, 3.2) planning and production (4.1), evaluation and reflection (6.1, 6.2) and presentation (7.1)


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