Today after Jazz we looked at time steps, cramp rolls, jumps, 5 beat steps, 4 beat steps and 2 beat steps. Refreshing out memories on what we had done in the previous year came flooding back. I remembered the three types of time step and executed them well. Simple time step, double time step and triple time step.

We then learnt two dance pieces. The first one was tap steps put together. It included:

  • shuffles
  • grapevine step
  • toe heel
  • cramp roles
  • jumps

The second dance piece was a Jive. I was paired with Scott and it was really enjoyable. The dance included:

  • Kicks to the front and to the side, behind side front step.
  • Turns holding hands
  • Weight transferring on both legs
  • Tuck jump

It was an upbeat, energetic lesson which was fun to work with everyone so therefore I has motivated me to do well and focus for the other lessons.


We started a new tap routine! I am so excited about it. I have been picked to be in the centre of the dance and this has really helped me with my confidence. It is fast paced and the dance is to the song,

Here is a clip of what we have so far:

After learning this dance we went back to looking at time steps. I can do single, double and triple so Sarah taught me an advanced version to learn. Here is the footage that I have to learn from:

The time steps includes shuffles, toe taps, 4 beat cramp rolls, jumps, quick foot placement.


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