Jazz – 10.10.16

Today I was really excited about doing dance. I was feeling really motivated and focused. We started looking at ‘the scary dance’ piece that we have started learning and I absolutely love it. I think I like it more because Dylan and I had a creepy dance together last year and it reminds me hugely of that.

We recorded the dances from two angles so I can see what I am doing correctly and what I am doing wrong. The videos are linked below:

Angle #1

From this angle you can see the height and the flexibility of my jump. I really enjoyed watching this angle because you can see the emotion on my face and the close ups really show what I have accomplished in this dance and its based on what I have done and not really anyone else.

Angle #2

This angle is one that I like looking back at for a view of what happens in different elements of the dance. For example, the middle section with Tom, Vicky and Scott is something that I didn’t even realise was happening. I was focused on what I had to do that I didn’t even notice what was going on behind me. I really like how the piece is looking so far and I really love sarah’s choreography and they way she teaches.



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