Solo Singing Lesson – Paul 03.02.2017

Singing Lesson with Paul –

In today’s lesson I asked Paul if he would help me understand the difference between the categories that I need to put my songs in. Including the Golden Era, 1960-1980’s, Character songs, Ballads and Morden Musical Theatre. Paul went through it with me and so now I understand what I need to do.

I then read through my repertoire and he thought that it was a little slow but I told him that B decided it was better if I started from the beginning and find new pieces so I can work on my technique. I want to find more pieces including ballads (slow songs e.g. I dreamed a dream) character songs (telling a story, about the character) and modern musical theatre songs because I want to verify my range and the songs I sing.

Paul wanted to hear ‘A change in me’ Beauty and the Beast which is a belt song, character song. Having not been well my voice wasn’t in the best shape. I sang through it once and he seemed to be impressed. He then talked about how he wants me to put more character into the song and he reminded me never to forget that it’s about the story at the end of the day. So therefore he asked me, how do you think Julie Andrews would sing this song? I said that she would pronounce each word and make sure the audience knew how she was feeling and not miss a single continent, vowel.

We watched a video of ‘Something good’ from the musical ‘A Sound of Music’ and we listened to about the first 8 bars and you could how she put emphasis on certain words so the meaning of the songs was clear and her feelings were clear through the words.

I then sang through it another time and I sung through it like Julie Andrews would of done. I sung it as though I was saying it and Paul and I could hear a difference between the song before and after I made the changes. Acting through song for me is something that I struggle with because I either lose the technique or the acting and I need to find a balance between the two. Paul thinks the same.

At the end of the session we sang through it one more time and he said that I did really well to listen to him and do as he suggested. He wants me to pick more songs for my repertoire and widen my range. So that is what I am going to do.


Extra Research =

·         Julie Andrews

·         Golden Era

·         Musical theatre songs – that I have and ones that I want


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