Tap – 10.10.16

Today we learnt a new sequence that included steps that are quick and close together which is something that I struggled with at first. However, once I started practising it I understood what I had to do and picked the sequence up quickly and helped to teach others.

Here is the video of the routine that we learnt last week but looked back on. We kept trying to make the beats between all of us completely even throughout the line and we didn’t understand why this wasn’t happening. But I have looked back at the video and I am doing the correct beat but Sian and Zoe were going on the same beat as me and so therefore it didn’t sound like we wanted it to. However, with practise this will definitely work out.

The first time we did this sequence in the video shows the fail of timing. This is something that we all need to work on together as a group. The last canon is something that always usually goes wrong and we have only managed it once.

The second time in the video is a little better but still not 100%.

We looked at Cramp roll with four beats, time steps, advanced and simple. I realised that the difference between the advanced and simple time steps is that the advanced one only does the main section twice before going onto the break and the simple one is three then on to the break.

What I personally find hardest about tap is the placement on the foot onto the floor to create the correct sound. In this sequence though I feel as though what I found harder to contemplate was the speed whilst making sure the steps were in the correct order and executed well. To speed up the process when you are still not certain on the steps is difficult in my point of view. Due to understanding what I find hard, practising those elements that are harder I will be able to point out what I need to work on and through time I will improve. I can’t just practise what I am good at because then I will never improve on the elements that I am not so good at and I won’t be able to improve as a performer.


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