Choir – 06.12.16

Today is the first time I have been in a choir lesson for a long time. I haven’t been able to go to for such a long time due to being ill and I’m so glad that I am finally able to get back into things.

We first did the ‘Croak Train’ around the room just to warm up our voices and get rid of any morning flem that is sitting in the nose area and at the back of the throat. I don’t think that personally this works for me at all and I don’t think it clears any of the flem that I might have before we start singing, so I started out with singing some scales before I went into the lesson and I felt like it really helped me warm up my vocal chords.

We then stood in sectionals and sung through the trio of songs that we are performing next Thursday! 15th December at Hauley Barns. I picked up the songs really quickly considering that I haven’t even looked at them once yet. The songs were stapled together and so I will need to take on the responsibility and print out my own copy.

We all sounded really good, however there were a few girls in the soprano section that were struggling with the notes so I helped them reach them. Also, I am planning to hold a sectional at lunch one day of the week that I will be able to go through everything and help those who need the help.

  • Jingle Bells.
  • Christmas Melody – Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, What Child Is This?, Deck The Halls.
  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

The Year 2 MT’s then usually have a lesson straight after but today the Year 1 MT’s joined our lesson and we learnt ‘Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow’ it was a long winded process but I think it sounds amazing and Paul was really impressed with us all because we were all so quick to pick the different sections up and it helped him see how we work together.

If I can get hold of the clip I will put the link down below:



One thought on “Choir – 06.12.16”

  1. Jess, you have spelt phlegm as flem – try and learn the correct spelling for future entries.
    Again, a pointer for reflective blogs – focus on yourself and what you are learning – is it something new? is it reinforcing knowledge you already have? has it given you a new insight or understanding of something you already knew? is it something that is repetitive but has a purpose you can appreciate and value?
    Explore more why you were able to help the sopranos who were struggling. What specifically di you do to help them? Did they appreciate your help? Were they resentful and reluctant to respond to your help? did you organise the lunchtime session you mentioned? How did this go?


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