14.09.16 – Singing Lesson with B.

Today I took Beth Easedown’s singing lesson because she has dropped to Acting lessons and so she can’t have her normal singing lesson with B. Anyway, I have been sick for the past week so I have been unable to sing at all. This week I have been trying to warm up my vocals and relax them so then I am able to sing, however I think this has just made it worse so instead of singing through my songs, B decided that she wanted to go through my portfolio and see what I have.

She told me that my pieces that I have are not right and I cannot use them for an audition for drama schools. So she told me the layout needed for the portfolio and she wants it ready for the next session that I have with her.

We picked pieces out that I need to work on and then decided on which we would use for my assessment next Wednesday.

Second Singing Lesson with B.

Today I was late for the lesson because I was doing my audition prep dance for Sarah and Lynn. She was really not impressed and I felt awful. It definitely will not happen again. I had warmed up my voice before entering the room however I was feeling really ill this morning and so therefore I felt a little closed up and tense. We did a little warm up and sang through the piece ‘I’m not afraid of anything’. She told me that the tone was too harsh and it sounded horrible. I was a little discomforted and just went for it again.

We did other things to warm up body to make sure I was ready to sing again. Here is the list of things in order that we did to provide a warmed up vocal capacity:

  • Hip circles
  • Isolation at the stomach
  • Head to the side – Feeling the relaxation and not thinking about it as a stretch
  • Side stretch
  • Clenching shoulders up, then dropping them to feel the difference between tension and relaxation
  • Rolling shoulders back and forwards
  • Rubbing my face to warm up and feel as though my face is peeling off
  • Jaw line massage
  • Shaking my head forwards to relax my face
  • Shaking my head again but this time relaxing my tongue
  • Massaging my tongue underneath my chin
  • Putting my finger on the edge of my tongue and pushing against having a battle that neither will win –  this will strengthen my tongue and enable me to be able to speak clearly without ‘leaving my tongue behind’. Clearer speech.
    1. Upper body relaxation ‘stretch’
    2. Shoulder rolls
    3. Arm stretches
    4. Massage for your face
    5. Body rolls – left, right and up and down
    6. Circling my tongue around the gums in my mouth. Left X8 then Right X8 .. Going down to 6,4,2 and then challenge myself to do 1 X4
    7. Pushing my finger on my tongue and feeling the base of my tounge under my chin
    8. Sirening – making sure I go over the sections that sound rough and ‘crack’
    9. Breathing in cold air to raise my larynx

I have been suggested that I should do this throughout the two weeks that I don’t have her and keep working on my pieces.

She then made me sing the song again and told me it sounded OK. She then told me that I was standing wrong and so therefore I wouldn’t be able to sing well anyway because of it. I was upset by this but kept strong as she was saying all these comments. She reconstructed my posture and made sure that my head was in the correct place. She told me that I should think about hooking my head on a peg and feel as though it is pulling me back so I don’t strain my throat by looking down.

She told me that I couldn’t sing well because the placement of my larynx is too low. So she told me to ‘suck in cold air’. I could tell the difference between breathing in hot air and breathing cold air after a couple of times trying it. I then could tell the difference between lowering the larynx and heightening the larynx which is key when singing. I think out of the whole lesson this is what I got out of it most because it is a technique that I will use to be able to sing higher without having to strain my throat so much.