U12 Task 4 Practical skills & Performance

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To evaluate how the opening night went for Saints and Sinners I found it really enjoyable however I found that there were a lot of minor slip ups. For example, at the beginning of the show we were all extremely nervous and so there was a nervous exciting buzz that was shared by all of the cast. This was a bad emotion for me because I didn’t feel as connected to my character than I could have been. I picked up that there was a tension that arose and it all felt a little unnatural, however once the waitresses introduced to show we all relaxed into the moment and I feel that it worked better for us as a collective. Looking back onto the opening night I do see that we all had a lack of confidence and it was like we weren’t happy with what we produced and were nervous to wait for the opinions of the audience once the performance is finished. On the other hand, as for the acts and non-acts it was so much clearer in this performance with the audience than it has been when we have been rehearsing.

Throughout the show I was thinking about my character and deciding on what to do on the emotions and past experiences that I decided that she has been through. I watched a film once that was based on a women who had come into this families life during Christmas time and she helps them out and in the end she reveals to the little girl that she is in fact an angel and doesn’t exist on the earth and then retreats back to heaven. I produced my character Fern on this women although I can’t remember the name of the film and I can’t seem to find anything about it anywhere. But throughout the show I made sure that I imagined myself to be an onlooking angel who would be able to give advice to prevent evil from happening.

My solo ‘Angles and Demons’ went well however I knew that I screwed up on the verse but I continued without hesitation and no one seemed to notice. In character once I went over to the bar after I sang I asked one of the waitresses that I knew if she had noticed I went wrong and she said that she didn’t so I was really pleased. However, I am a perfectionist and so when I do something wrong I want to put it right to tomorrow I will make sure that I rehearse the song again in the correct order so it will be perfect for the second show. As for ‘Bring on the men’ it went really well and all the girls really went for it and performed it with their faces. Singing the choruses together also really helped with the timings of the song and the dance routine. I did miss the direction where I put my hand on my thigh instead of in between my legs but due to always rehearsing it that way I don’t think I will be able to change that so easily.

As for Act Two of opening night I thought that Jack’s character ‘Saint Jimmy’ could have been a little more mysterious and I felt that his character was a little lost. Walking on the stage for the first time in the second act was really messy and I absolutely hated the fact that I walked in before my cue line and got there way too early and improvised by waiting in what seemed to look like a ‘queue’. Argh it was awful, truly embarrassing.

There were a couple of pieces that I wasn’t involved in but went wrong throughout the first act and so I felt again that people were a little unfocused and we could have done a focusing exercise which may have helped us. My dance to Hellfire was really enjoyable and I loved every  minute of it. Then poisoned apple went lovely and sounded gorgeous although Sophia got one of the verses incorrect but no one seemed to notice that either. I loved the finale song ‘Rebel’. Everyone sang it beautifully and the rehearsals had seemed to pay off by the time of this show.

Final Night Act one and Two:

To evaluate how the last night of this commission went, I thought it was so much better than the opening night to be honest. The reason for my thinking is because everyone seemed to learn from their mistakes on the first night and so therefore there wasn’t as much alarm because generally it was going really smoothly and it was enjoyable. I also think that the improvising that everyone was doing was better than the previous night because we enjoyed it a lot more because we had done it once and our ultimate note from Gary was to ‘own it’. He encouraged us and told us it was a wonderful show and there were some great pieces in there that had a lot of potential but we should be more confident in this show that we have created and perform it with all we’ve got.

The beginning of the production when Saint Jimmy sings, Jack got the timing between the dialogue and the song spot on and it worked fantastically. The audience were encouraging and seemed to enjoy all the pieces that were performed them. Personally, I had family coming including my Uncle coming this evening and so there was added pressure however this pressure enabled me to focus on what I need to do and make sure that I did it correctly without the mistakes. Angels and demons, the solo went extremely well for me. It was perfectly sung and the lyrics were all correct and in the correct order. Bring on the men piece was better for all of the girls I feel. However, the hand movement supposedly on my thigh was still in between my legs but I knew this was going to be an issue so I didn’t take it as something that went wrong and decided to make it into something that was supposed to happen. It happened because I wanted it to look more ‘saucy’ and naughty.

Act two was my favorite, it has all my favorite piece in it and so I enjoyed the whole process. Knowing this was the last time that we would be doing it motivated me to do better than the first night. My first entrance for the second act was spot on and Scott and I timed it perfectly. Hellfire dance was enjoyable however looking back at the footage I saw that my leg in my backwards walkover was bent which was really frustrating. Poisoned Apple, the costume change was so much better and I didn’t rush, I waited for my cue and the mic was ready and the audience heard our dialogue loud and clear. Rebel was a wonderful ending and I think that the audience enjoyed it as much as we did as a cast.

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