16.11.16 – Practical lesson

Today I have self directed all day apart from a practical lesson in the morning. There was only three of us in the lesson today because Sian was off sick and Tom had a drama school audition in London. I was with Scott and Sophia and they explained to me what was happening with my idea and what was going to happen and the opinions that they need from me to continue with the idea.

Here is a picture to sum up what we talked about, that we could without two members of our group there.


We couldn’t really think about much else because we have to make group decisions. They also showed me the song that they have started to write. Here are the lyrics:




One thought on “16.11.16 – Practical lesson”

  1. Jess, I would expect, if the majority of your group are present in a session, that those who are absent will accept what the majority decides to do and not try and impose their own ideas and hold up the process. If, in your group you have clear responsibilities and roles to do with developing material then you need to plan and organise yourselves so that you have clear tasks to get on with in those sessions where the whole group isn’t there. For example, you could be researching and sourcing possible props and / or costumes that you will need. You could be developing the workshop package that will accompany your performance, perhaps there is going to be a pack that you will give to the teacher that will give them ideas they can work on with their class to follow up what you have been doing with them when you tour to the school. There are a lot of things to be getting on with and, if your group is always waiting until everyone is present, then you will not be efficient and have the best possible outcome. Be pro-active so that you can really refine and develop your piece so that it is as professional as you can make it.


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