So this week was half term so we didn’t have to come into college. However we made a group decision that we would come in on the Wednesday to finish props and run through our piece with costume and other props that we have gotten (including easels) So when we got to the college on Wednesday Erica was ill and so was Sian, however they both came in and gave it there best shot even if they weren’t feeling 100%. Sian after 45 mins was taken to A&E because she was feeling so unwell and she was on methane that was in her system. So we had to make do. I feel that as a group we did well to comprehend the lines, we worked around the issue really well and it didn’t trouble us too much. I know the majority of the lines and so I just filled in with what Sian usually said.

Having set the Paris dance in a previous lesson I find that this really helped with our movements and I just had to teach Tom because he missed that part of the lesson that we created and choreographed the routine.

We ran through our performance twice in the day and each time we did it, it was easier to say the words and encourage the audience to participate. We didn’t finish all the backdrops today because we didn’t have enough time.


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