Jazz – 28.11.16

As I have previously been in hospital and advised I shouldn’t dance for 2 weeks so Sarah wouldn’t let me dance so I had to sit in the freezing dance studio watching everyone else do my favourite dance routine which I was really upset about. They learnt an extra lift that Sarah is thinking about putting in the dance.

They then told me that they ‘changed’ the music that we are using and decided without my input. Here is the clip. It really made me giggle and cheered me up.



This was obviously a joke and it was so funny because they all made a joke on me. I thought they were serious about changing the music, but they weren’t.



One thought on “Jazz – 28.11.16”

  1. Jess, when you have to sit out and watch, try and learn things from the situation – pick up tips from how Sarah is teaching, how did she go about teaching the new lift for example? Look at the choreography and you can give Sarah input on who is engaging well and picking it up and who is struggling, maybe the lines and formations aren’t very clear or obvious – you can share that information. You can also see who is working hard and who is being lazy and you can try and get insight about this – are they not trying because they don’t want to be seen not doing it right? are they generally unfocused in classes where they are not one of the ‘top dogs’ and so try and get attention by fooling around as they can’t get attention through being skilled and advanced in the dance? are they not trying because they’ve already mastered this and they feel it is not challenging them enough? who is surprising you with how well they are working? why is this?
    Analysing in this way will help you get a better insight into people you work with now and later and will be helpful in the future as you may pick up strategies and professional behaviours that you want to show as a practitioner in your own right.


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