Singing at home -Belting

Something that I have always wanted to get better at is belting. So I have been trying to sing certain songs that go from a low note to a belt note in my vocal range.

I love all the covers that I have heard on YouTube for ‘ Dancing On My Own’ and I have also been trying to play piano more often to clear my head at the end of the day and so I attempted to sing the chorus and here is the link below:

I am in my pyjamas so please ignore that…


One thought on “Singing at home -Belting”

  1. Jess, where is your reflection on how you have done following your recording of yourself? This is what is most important – what can YOU identify has gone well, what can YOU identify still needs work, what are YOU planning to do about this? Yes – it is great that you have been working in your own time at home and that you have included the video record so that we can see whether YOUR judgements are realistic and valid but what is vital is that YOU reflect on what YOU have done.


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