Solo Workshop – Walk around the room and when we shout ‘EYGPT’ the children do the action.

Shouting Griselda and Emyrss and they react to how they should.

Paired Workshop – Freeze Frames

Griselda = 1 Person

Emryss = 1 Person

(They create a freeze frame when we say a certain scene in the show)

Small Group Workshop – Each one of us teach a group of children a verse each (or chorus) then at the end we will all do it together and then the children will come up with their own choreography (this will be the workshop that will take the longest)

Big Group Workshop – Running to the walls game (Erica suggested that maybe we could have the three kids wearing the hats attributed with their countries and the audience run to them the quickest. One person could run away at one point.

Here are some of the questions that we came up with:

  • Which place has camels?
  • Where is the Statue of Liberty?
  • Which place is romantic?
  • Which place is the hottest?
  • Which place has the central park? – not sure about asking this because we don’t actually mention it in the song




What we did for our workshop was improvised. As we had planned the workshops that we were going to do a long time a go, when it was closer to the time of the show we were thinking more about the performance than the workshop to honestly we were improvising and thinking about what to do at the top of our head. Having had to adapt to what we were originally going to do I think that our alternative was really impressive. We all naturally spoke to the children and it wasn’t confusing at all.

Here is what we did for our workshop on the day:

Firstly we went into the classroom and the children were all sitting in a circle and Erica had started us off and questioned the children on the names of the characters and put movements to each of them. We then went around in our little circle in the middle of the room and shouted out different names and they would have to do the actions that were attached. The children participated with all the activities really well and I really enjoyed their company and comments.

Secondly we decided that we wanted to teach them a song. We asked them what their favourite on was and it was the chorus of every song that we sung where they had to join in. So what we did was sing through the song with the children twice and Sian thought it would be a great idea to let the children pick movements to do according to what the song says. We each asked an individual on what they wanted to choose for the action for each line and by the end of the song we had 5 different actions and noises that we did with the children and they remembered it all really well and I was intrigued with how much they remembered from the show.

Thirdly, we asked the children what they liked the best and what they could remember. There were over 20 questions that we asked them and they seemed to remember everything. Extremely impressive. Even hard questions like, what is the capital of France? and they all shouted out ‘PARIS’ and they remembered that I saw the ‘Empire State Building’ when we were in the ‘cab/taxi’ and that was something that was said quickly. Having asked the questions, the children then followed by saying things that they enjoyed about the performance and certain facts that they learnt.

We said goodbye to the children because the half an hour of workshop had finished and so it was supposed to be their ‘snack time’ however we were asked back to be interviewed by the children for their ArtsAward Projects. I thought it was adorable and some of the ‘so called questions’ were actually statements about what they enjoyed. One of the little girls had asked what show we would like to be in and how long we have been doing acting. Tom told them that he had been acting since he was 9 and he is now 17 therefore the teachers decided to use that to embed mathematics and so they had to work out how many years each of us had been doing acting for. I told the children that I was more of a dancer and so I love to be in dance shows and I want to be in many more. The teachers asked some of the girls in their class about their dance experiences and it was lovely. There were about 5 girls that put their hands up for talking about dance.

Then the teachers asked if it wasn’t any trouble, that in fact we would sing the TAXI SONG again to the children. We all agreed that we would but then I decided that the children should go in groups of four to recreate the cab. Therefore the children went into the groups, teachers making sure that those who didn’t get on together sat together. We sang through the song and they bobbed whilst the genie’s rapped and then drove and moved side to side on the chorus’.

I really loved the workshop that we had created with the students and I think they really appreciated it too. We were given some pictures throughout the performance that the staff took in a way that we didn’t have any safeguarding issues.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see in the setting up picture, I am putting together a music stand because I thought it would be useful to use to prop up the clock as we didn’t have a chair without the slippery plastic material. To work around this we decided that we would use strong tape to keep it in place.

I think it has been a great experience for me and my peers because they have all had to deal with situations that we don’t usually have to think about. Considering that our audience is right in front of us that is lower and we have to engage with them all the time I think for me I did extremely well to keep my energy levels up.

In terms of resources and materials we didn’t have something that we referred too however we reverted back to our personal experiences as a young child and thought through different ways by experimenting games and workshops with each other. Also, being the youngest of the whole Year 2 MT group they asked me a lot of questions which I felt a little undermining and a little insensitive however I knew that they didn’t mean it in a bad way and so I went a long with it and because I have such a good listening ear and has been heightened since doing this project I spotted little mistakes that they didn’t which was beneficial for the production.


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