Monday 24th April


Tuesday 25th April

Today was an audition day so technically we didn’t have to be in college however I decided that because I haven’t yet helped out with one I would do so. So throughout the day I was encouraging the those who were auditioning and joined in with the workshops that they were taking part in. I really enjoyed the experience and if there was another one I would definitely do it. I just wish that I had done it before so I could have done it again.

For the evening I was helping out with the opening evening with Erica, Helena, Scott, Lou and Harry. I thought it was going to be really uninteresting and so I wasn’t really looking forward to it but when I got there Scott and I decided that we would rehearse out ballet duet that we are doing in the dance show this year and so Helena helped us with the choreography and I think that it attracted those who were visiting the college and were interested in knowing what was happening. Here is the clip that shows what Scott and I accomplished. This was recorded as a first draft, before we did a lot of rehearsals and run through.

Wednesday 26th April

Today I have spent the majority of the time working on my pieces and checking that I have as much as I can ready for the showing on Tuesday 2nd May.

Tom and I got together and went through the song ‘Apples’ and he played along to the song on the track so he could figure out the chords for the song so we could all have a recording by Friday to practice singing to. It sounded great for the first time doing it however I think it was a lot of trouble not having the capo available because all the chords were bar chords and so it was a little difficult to play. Knowing that we will have a capo on the show nights I am fully confident that we will be able to sing and play this with no troubles at all.

Thursday 27th April


Friday 28th April



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