Monday was a bank holiday Monday and so we weren’t in college and so I decided that I wanted to go through all the research that I have done for the FMP and so I wrote up everything I have researched so far and wrote my bibliography.

Tuesday 18th April 2017 –

This morning we had choir with Han because Paul wasn’t able to come into college today.  We sang through the song ‘All for the best’ which is something we had finished before the easter break. We sang it straight away with the track and honestly, it sounded awful. We then went through it a couple of times and I loved the ending so much that I recorded it.


Ballet this afternoon was really good. It was great fun. We started out by writing down our goals to achieve by the end of the lesson. There were two I wrote down. The first was for what I wanted to achieve on the barre and the second was what I wanted to achieve in our group dance.

  1. Barre – Core
  2. Dance – To choreograph the majority of the section that Scott and I do as a duet.

As a whole, I feel that I accomplished all I wanted to do in this lesson. However, for when we lean back for the fourth/fifth position I struggled taking hold of my posture and core.

Wednesday 19th April 2017 –

Today is a self-directed day so we had time to spend it doing work for our commission that is in a four weeks time. I have really enjoyed working on the show ‘Saints and Sinners’ I feel that I am more interested in it because it’s our own personal show and the tutors at the end of the day don’t have the final say and we get to make our own decisions as a group. Also, I feel that the year 2’s as a whole, our relationships with one other is better.

Thursday 20th April 2017 –

This morning we had employ ability where we are starting a new project about decision making. Once this was finished we had more time to look at our project.

Friday 21st April 2017 –

All day was dedicated to WordPress and decision making based around our show on ‘Saints and sinners’. I feel that I have achieved a lot today both on WordPress and everything else. Practically I have choreographed a part of the dance break in the song ‘Bring on the men’ which is going to be an act on the stage in the club. I really love the idea and I thought that having this piece would increase the different and unique elements of the production as a whole.


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