Monday –

This morning I had a meeting with ‘Student Futures’ to talk about drama schools and what I can do for the funding side of it. I was a little bewildered with everything that I have to consider when thinking about how my drama school is private so the majority of funding is already cut because I will not be able to use it for where I am going. There were a couple of websites that I was given to look into and I was really grateful for their time and help.

  • Turn2Us Website
  • William Barry Trust
  • Masons Trust
  • Arts Council
  • Set up and just giving page
  • Dr M Clare Roberts Memorial Fund
  • Hope House and Gyppeswyk Educational
  • Lionel Bart Foundation

I then arrived at dance class and we were doing tap. We went through the dance we are performing for the dance show this year. We added an extra part to the dance despite not having everyone there. This was our main focus of the day and it helped me understand what I needed to work on. Neil came in a looked at what we already have done and he seemed to be really impressed so that gave us some hope and determination to stick with this piece.

In our commission lesson we were given the first wave of our project show. We were told about a couple of things that we will be in and what we need to start looking at. Here are the YouTube clips to provide the information that we were given.




Tuesday –

Today was an audition day for the newbies for the soon-to-be-first-years. I was in for Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals from 3-4 and with Paul the hairdressers all learnt the harmonies for our collective song. It sounds really great now! I really enjoy singing it with the girls.

Wednesday –

This morning we received the first running order for our show, ‘Saints and Sinners’ We had a little discussion about it and so I have the link to prove it and talk about the key points.

  • Second half is a little too long but we are to go through the pieces and see what we are going to keep and what we are going to cut or shorten.
  • Counting up the duration for an average of 1 hour for each act. However, it could be that the first act is shorter than the second act.
  • Didn’t fit neatly in pairs with saints and sinners
  • Don’t forget that there will be applause time and so we need to think about this and how much time this will take altogether.
  • Changed from the first version, need something to catch the audience’s eye rather than having a soft dance after the exciting introduction from Saint Jimmy.
  • Cut ‘Façade’ as a whole group number because its a downer and it didn’t work as a finale. Instead we are having ‘I’m a saint and I’m a sinner’ Alyssa Bonagura ‘Rebel’ instead because it involves everyone and they can be in choir formation.
  • Set challenges and set to strengths.

Today I spent two hours focussing on writing up what we have done and changed throughout the process of the final major project. I am struggling to keep up to date with the different pages that I am supposed to associate with certain logs or video logs…etc. This is something I will have to get better at considering that we only have 5 weeks left to do it after the 2 days we’ve got before the Easter break.

Thursday –

This morning I had employability. After this we had a free lesson and so I went to look into the pieces that I performing for the Final Major Project. I printed out of the ‘Bring on the men’ sheet music so I can familiarise myself with it so that when I am given the solo section I will know it well.

In the afternoon we had Erica for our acting lesson. We had asked her if she could help us with what we have to do for research and go thorough the layout on WordPress.

Friday –

I had a doctors appointment this morning and so I missed the first 2 hours of the day. I missed out on a meeting with the group including the technicians talking about what we have so far and what they have decided to use for set and thinking ahead about how they want to use the stage. Alex drew images of how it will look. Here are the pictures below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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