Monday 20th March 2017 –

Today was dance. Jazz and Tap. We started off with Tap because usually we don’t have enough time to go through everything and learn more of the routine. So overall we went through the tap piece around 3 times and then added a little more to the end. Then Tom arrived just as we were doing Jazz. We learnt a new section for this too and I think we have only just realised how close the dance show actually is. I will really miss dance lessons on a Monday morning when we leave and move on after college.

In tap we also went through new time steps. I was so overwhelmed with so many different time steps that I have learnt recently that my brain overloaded and I just had to wait a little while for my head to clear.

Tuesday 21st March 2017 –

This morning I had choir with Han because Paul wasn’t in today. I really enjoyed the new song for warm up that we learnt. It was about a train and it was in a round so it was complicated. The actions were simple too and I really enjoyed it.

I completed the email that I have to send to Lynn today and I will link the word document below:

Saints and Sinners – The seven deadly sins and the seven deadly virtues

My goal for today is to complete all of my WordPress logs and evaluation today.

Wednesday 22nd March 2017 –

Today my aim is to finish evaluation and include my thoughts rather than just listing the ideas that each person came up with.

Year 2’s have arranged to have a meeting in E0.45 (dance studio) to talk about the setting for our production and talking about how the pieces for sins and virtues could link within this setting. The overall outcome was that we will be doing a modern nightclub, 1920’s themed cabaret. I will link both the videos, one of the discussion and the other of the conclusion. The reason being because we will then also have our ideas and musical songs that are written in modern day.

  • Prologue at the beginning between the waitress and bouncer? City of stars. (Scott’s idea)
  • Relationships in and outside of the club.
  • Love Actually storyline?

Thursday 23rd March 2017 –

This morning we had employability and it was based around discrimination in and out of your workplace. For the afternoon lesson with Erica we were mixed with the year 2 dancers, Lynn and Sarah. We collectively thought that we were missing out on the decisions that the actors were making and felt left out from what was happening. We talked about what they had done and what we wanted to make changes too. Genuinely Lynn found this very helpful and it was something that was useful for all of us. I uploaded some pictures of what we changed and moved around on to the Facebook group page:

Friday 24th March 2017 –

We were with B this morning for the lesson with all of the Musical Theater students. We went through sheet music and talked about what sort of elements we would find at the beginning of the music. Music Theory is something that I feel that I struggle with sometimes and I would like to spend the time going through music theory to understand in depth the piece of the music. Without this I feel as though I don’t give the music justice.

Beginning of the sheet music you can find:

  • Stave
  • Treble Clef
  • Bass Clef
  • Key Signature
  • Time Signature

End of the music:

  • CODA – this is the attachment at the end to tell you when to stop looping the piece of music.
  • D.S (DAL. SEGNO) – which means from the sign.
  • Double bars – go back and repeat a certain section.

Abbie then went and sung a song from the musical ‘Heather’s’ which I think suited her voice and she pulled it off really well.


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