Monday 13th March 2017 –

First audition today and two weeks a go we were given a script and two songs to learn. I learnt everything I needed too and made sure that I had a little background information about what was going on, who I was playing, where I was, what happened in the time period whilst they were alive. I was interested since we were told at the beginning of the year that we were doing this musical. What I have found out about today is that the script has certain parts that are darker than we originally think. The script also has many layers that we are not so sure or understand about before we start taking it apart. This is something that I need to continue to do.

I was paired with Harry Ladell today and I really enjoyed the experience. To start, Gary was telling us about how the show is an ‘actors musical’ this means that is it strongly based on the acting and some hard songs that are put in the piece. There are no dance pieces. He then went on to tell us about how this is a real event. These people were real and it really did happen this way. We need to research as much as we can so we can understand the foundations.

One by one we were called out and we took our pairs into the middle of the stage and we performed the snippet of script that we had been given. Harry and I used a chair to represent the car and so we not only worked with each other, but we worked on the car. This helped me picture where I was and I felt really natural towards the movement and text.

I feel that this part of the audition went really well and between Harry and myself I think we have the chemistry that is needed for these types of characters.

For the second part of the audition we sang through ‘You’re going back to jail’ which is one of the main songs that we were asked to learn. These characters were Blanche and Buck and I think that Harry and I suit these characters better than Bonnie and Clyde to be completely honest. Gary then selected a couple of people to perform the song and he directed what he wanted. He was telling us that he want the raw emotion from the characters and scrap the choreography. For example, the majority of the boys that tugged on their shirts when it said ‘haven’t had time to change my shirt’ in the lyrics.

For tomorrow’s audition we will be singing the song in groups of three. I will be with Harry and Hannah. Due to there being three parts to the songs that is the reason why we are in groups this time coming. Hannah and I discussed and she would like to sing the higher section which is the section part and so I agreed that I would start.

For character research Gary linked a TimeWatch clip all about ‘the real bonnie and clyde’. I am going to watch this tonight and do some extra character research so I am prepared for his questions tomorrow.

Tuesday 14th 2017 –

Today I was really excited again for the auditions of Bonnie and Clyde. Knowing that it was all about the singing today, this is in my comfort zone however not so much in the range. Anyway, we started by splitting up into groups of three so we could go up and show the song to all the tutors. We sang it a couple of times all together to make sure we knew what we were doing. We then cued up in groups of three and sung to the tutors. Paul and Han were in front of me and were smiling along and so I genuinely think that was a great sign for me.

Once this was done, which seemed to take an awful long time we did it again in the same groups and different groups and he directed us and gave us hints on what he wanted to see and what he thought would look better. I really enjoyed watching everyone and I feel so much more confident now that I have ever been, this has really shown because I went up a couple of times without worrying and performed to the same standard as the first time that I went up there. I didn’t just say ‘well I’ve done it once so he has seen what I am like as a performer’ this wouldn’t have been the right attitude at all.

As the last part of the audition we did a little improvisation section in two large groups. What Gary wanted to see from all of us was that we are willing to go for it and play around.

I feel as though if I was to do that again I would have passionately kissed a boy because I think that is what Gary wanted to see from me. I held back and I shouldn’t have. However, due to being paired with Henry I felt a little uncomfortable because he has treated me unkindly in the past. However, with that aside I feel as though I could have done better and from now on I am not going to pass a chance to be a better performer than I already am.

Wednesday 15th March 2017 –

I AM ON THE CAST LIST FOR BONNIE AND CLYDE! After a long wait throughout the day I am finally able to say that I am in the cast. What an opportunity.

Thursday 16th March 2017 –

For today’s audition for Bonnie and Clyde a few of us were picked to sing a couple of songs. I was chosen to sing ‘You’re going back to jail’ and ‘How ’bout a dance’ which I was really excited about because it was a chance to show them what I could do. This also means that I am considered for both the characters Bonnie and Blanche. When we weren’t singing we were sitting reading the script. I read the whole thing in under two hours and it was really interesting. Comparing to the musical online that I have watched there are a few scenes that are skips or the scripting is different.

We have been given a new section of the script to learn for tomorrow’s last audition and we will find out who is playing whom tomorrow night. I am so excited!


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