Monday 13th March 2017 –

I am feel really healthy and well today and I have been really looking forward to doing dance. We did a thorough warm up and made sure all our ligaments were warm and stretched enough so that I am able to do the splits. I have to make sure that I can do the splits because otherwise personally I am not ready to dance and I am at a huge risk for hurting myself.

We then had a series of movements that we had to link together and then work out how it would work on the other side of the room with the opposite arms and legs. This for me is the hardest part however after doing similar things for the last two weeks I have picked it up. Vicky and I have formed a really positive friendship and I really enjoy the company of both the musical theatre group and dance group. We then went through our Jazz routine that we are doing for the dance show in 3 months time. Our progress has glided throughout the process and I think that we work well as a team. ‘Wake me up inside’ is the song that we dance too and the storyline has formed completely since the beginning of the process. I really enjoy the dance however I do think that we should put in some extra lifts and movements for the rest of us to do because I do feel it is very Faye oriented. I feel terrible saying that but it’s how I feel about it. I don’t particularly mind because she is a really great dancer and her emotion is really strong however I do think we need another section where we are either do a solo section or lifts in different pairs.

For the leap section of the class we went through the normal right and left leg leaps from a step ball change and we also tried out scissor leaps which is the same format as the split leaps yet you change the leg that is in front in the middle of the jump when you are lifted off the floor with the power you used to jump.

For the tap lesson we didn’t have very long for this and so we did our warm up by doing time steps of all different levels. I had learnt a new time step last week and so I was refiguring it out and as I was I taught Tom B what to do. As first he found it really difficult to pick up the steps however once I had gone through it with him a few times he executed really well. Faye R and myself were then asked to perform the triple cramp role time steps with the break in front of the class just for practise. I wasn’t nervous about it because I know how supportive my year 2 classes are. So I did what Sarah had asked and I actually really enjoyed it.

For our practical lesson today we went through our ideas just so we could discuss what would be happening on Thursday. I thought this was really helpful and it broke the ice with one another because usually we are all a little worried about sharing our ideas either due to someone copying their ideas of the thought of being judged is too much for some people.

I have been doing a little research about what I want to choose for my ideas to present to everyone in the presentation on Thursday. What I am struggling with is the action plan due to not understanding how you can plan something that is going to happen in the future.

Tuesday 14th March 2017 –

This morning we had choir with Paul. I have really started to enjoy these lessons and I think that as a whole group we get on really well and work hard together. We started a new piece today called ‘All for the best’ GodSpell. (duration 2:30) It’s a really fast paced piece however it is simple enough to learn quickly. It is a four part harmony rather than 6 so it is easier in that aspect. Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Barritone and Bass. Instead, we are having Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.

We had our singing lesson with Paul and the year 2’s MT’s like we usually do on a Tuesday. We decided to do a practise on or presentations that we are showing on Thursday! Here are the comments that I took from each of us that went up and showed.

Wednesday 15th March 2017 –

Today I have been really nervous about the casting for Bonnie and Clyde and so I have been a little on edge the whole morning. However, I have been really FMP focussed. This is what matters. I will be graded on this and if it isn’t up to the standard that it should be my final grade will go down and I want to achieve a distinction by the end of the year.

Thursday 16th March 2017 –

This morning we had employability and we were told last week that we needed to present a presentation about a mental illness. I was grouped with Richard and Jordan. Our topic was ‘Schizophrenia’. Here is our PowerPoint that we made.


Secondly we had our presentations for our Unit 12 project proposal. I have never been so nervous about sharing my ideas with the class. I honestly don’t know why I was so afraid. When I was up at the front and talked I felt natural and but I was still nervous. Here is my PowerPoint that I made.

Unit 12 – Task 1a

Friday 17th March 2017 –

Today I thought that I didn’t have a singing lesson. I asked Scott if it was his week for singing and it was, usually we don’t share the same week so i was confused. Anyway, I took Tom’s lesson instead and he took mine. I printed out some sheet music from the musical ‘ I love you, you’re perfect, now change’



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