Monday 6th March 2017 –

Today I was seriously ill. I have either tonsillitis or some other throat infection because I can hardly speak and I have a constant temperature of 39.1

Sarah was in today so I didn’t want to miss anymore dance. It was a real struggle for me today because I nearly threw up every time I moved. We did some different routines today because we wanted to change it a bit because the boys weren’t there due to the production of Bent. I really enjoyed the session until I started cold sweating and had to stop. We did go through the routine and I remembered the hole lot so I was quite content with myself.

For Tap, WE HAVE SIAN BACK! Due to her back she has been unable to dance properly so she has finally been told she’s allowed to tap because its based about her core strength rather than flexibility. I have my partner back in the piece and I am so happy about it. We went through the whole routine, filling in Sian and Zoe because they have missed so many rehearsals.

For our Practical lesson we were given some dates that we are to put into our action plan work due in on the 16th March. We then went into E0.29 and continued doing work.

Tuesday 7th March 2017 –

Today we had choir and I could not speak, let alone sing. The session was particularly boring for me because I had to mouth the words and not make a sound. I love singing and being the strongest in the Sops 2 there wasn’t really a sound coming through at all unfortunately.

We learnt the whole entire song today and I was really impressed with everyone and their hard work. Listening to everyone else was particularly enjoyable. Gary came in at the end once we had learnt it and I had to really bump up my mouthing skills because I didn’t want him to single me out and have to talk in front of him… actually squealing.

Year 2 MT lesson was next and there was only three of us in. Scott, Tom and myself. A girl from my hometown came in for a tour and introduction of the course to see whether or not she wants to be a year 1 next year and she was talking to Paul and us about all sorts of things. We then told her about our Final Major Projects and how it works. Paul, knowing full well that I couldn’t speak decided that we were to sing a song from Merrily We Roll Along. I tried my hardest to sing but nothing came out so in the end he gave up and the two boys sang it instead. Paul suggested this would be a good song for a finale in our FMP piece however I think that the parts would be too difficult for everyone to comprehend.

Wednesday 8th March 2017 –

Today I did lots of research for ideas for the FMP. ‘Saints and Sinners’ can be twisted and used for anything that I decided to put into it. I think this because technically ‘saints and sinners’ means good and evil and anything can lie under these terms. Throughout the day I continued to find different ideas and solutions and so wrote them down and then thought of other ideas that would be better.

Thursday 9th March 2017 –

I am really sick today. I left college at 3 to go to the doctors and I have been given antibiotics because I have a sinuses infection, conjunctivitis, laranjitus and a sore throat. I have had a temperature of 37.8 throughout the week and I thought it would be best to go to the doctors to have a check up and I am very glad I did.

We had acting after lunch today and I was really excited about it. We played improvisation games that I really enjoyed and I wasn’t that embarrassed because our group are so close to one another that we embarrass one another all the time. We played the dinner improv and I was first with Sian. Sian and I’s situation was that we were best friends and she was getting married however I have been single for 8 years and haven’t thought of any boys to be what I want. What we had to do was keep talking to one another and when our number wasn’t called out our volume was hushed and vise versa. I was then with Tom. Our situation was that I was planning my sisters Hen do and he was the fiance however he always loved me. I came out with it and I was shocked. I didn’t know how to react and what to do. So I said ‘I can’t believe you would do that to my sister. I can’t be here.’ I then left.. and then the next time that it was my turn on the spotlight I went over to Tom and slapped him. The spotlight then was called off. I was then with Sophia and we were a mother and daughter and she was really embarrassing. Lastly, I was with Scott and I had to tell him that I was pregnant and it wasn’t his child.

We then talked about our ideas:

  • Hallelujah – acappella group
  • Dance routine
  • One show – through story
  • Baddie Backstory

Friday 10th March 2017 –

This morning I have a lesson with B and we went through what we have to do to warm up before a singing lesson and how we would teach little ones.

B’s Lesson 10/3/17
I didn’t have a solo singing lesson today however I did have a group session with all the MT’s, both year 1 and 2. I really enjoy these lessons because we get to talk about auditions and each other’s experiences. So at first we talked about the lesson plan and what B had decided she wanted to do with us.
So what we did first was stand up. We discussed what we knew was the first thing we had to warm up.
Neck. This includes turning head side to side, up and down and also tipped to the side and the opposing side. This isn’t a stretch as such but a loosening.
Shoulders. For this one we could either rotate them forwards and backwards etc or turn to the side and put our arms out. As our arms are outstretched they would be rotating one way. A story could be told in between the direction that we rotate.
Rib cage. Rotation of the rib cage and isolation in different ways.
Torso. Hoola hooping helped loosen this up. Forward, backward and side stretch for this helps.
Legs. Shakeout and loosen. Circling the ankles.
Face. Massage the face starting from the middle of head (between eyebrows) this then goes down and over towards the temples. Then finding the dent at the cheek bones. Loosening the jaw.
Tongue. Finger war. Pushing against the finger hard as the finger pushes back is just like the rotation tongue exercise.
Facial expressions. Behind your hands and then opening them like peek-a-boo
Slapping yourself. Everywhere so that your blood flow is around everywhere.
Shaking your face downward towards the floor to make sure everything is relaxed.
Then we looked at Chris’ and Brayden’s pieces that they are preparing for an audition coming up soon. B has told us that we are all doing a performance in front of one another by the end of the year and we all need to prepare. She also said that we need all the sheets she gives us in our portfolios and I have to admit, I lost my first sheet that she gave to me. However I have done so for the other sheets I have been given.


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