Thursday 5th January 2017 –

This morning we didn’t have an employability lesson as we normally would. Ex students of Conservatoire East came in to talk to us about their experiences and how they are coping living in London. Having students that we worked with come back and talk to us was really reassuring and they both looked as if they were doing really well. They told us how MTA was an incredible school and they have learnt so much from just the first term of being there. They have made mistakes but that is the beauty of learning. Once they had finished talking to us about what they were currently doing I felt motivated to do well and just go for the auditions and not worry about it. As soon as we left to have our break I was rereading my plays for the monologues that I am using for my auditions.

For our acting class we went through our new script and started working on the blocking. I really enjoyed doing this and we had a lot of laughs. We all were prepared to change some things and we decided some sections of the script didn’t fit where we had originally placed it. One of the main sections that we had to change positions of was when Martin and the children reveal the lost paintings. We were stood so that all of our backs were facing the audience and they couldn’t actually see what we were doing. Also, because at this section we have to freeze due to the genies talking to the audience we would be there a long time. Our positioning changed too, I thought that each kid could have a signature freeze position so that every time we freeze the audience can distinguish which characters we all are.

Another major section that we changed was the position of the magic frame. We originally suggested that the frame would be in the middle of the stage from the beginning of the show. However, Erica said it would be better if Emryss brings on the frame when he explains to the kids that he is a magical genie so that they can have proof. This then doesn’t become an issue when the children walk in and Griselda speaks her introduction to the children at the beginning when everything is introduced to the audience. I think that we spent the time well and accomplished what we set out to do.


Friday 6th January 2017 –

Today was really relaxed and I really enjoyed the day because it was something different to what we are used to. We were given the opportunity to watch a play at the local cinema as students of Conservatoire East. The play that we watched was ‘No Man’s Land’. The play is 4 man piece and they are incredible actors. I really enjoyed watching how flawless their performances were. There were some sections where they had a monologue which lasted for at least 10 minutes and he didn’t show signs of not understanding what would come next and each man performed it so well and it was really entertaining.



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