Last singing lesson of term – 18.11.16

Today I had B teaching me and I was so ready and excited to perform for her today because I was extremely prepared. Since the last time that I had my singing lesson with her I have learnt 4 more songs. She was impressed with what I had achieved and so all the hard work paid off.

We went though ‘Don’t Cry Out Loud’ from The Boy from Oz which is my favourite one out of the pieces that I have in my portfolio so far. At first I couldn’t remember the order of the phrases and verses so I was really frustrated because I was really excited to show her this song. Anyway after a few giggles I got the song down and she was telling me how I have now got control over my voice now since the start when she started to teach me and I was looking into doing these exercises.

The next song that I sung for her was ‘I will be loved tonight’ which is from the musical ‘I love you, you’re perfect, now change’. She thought that this song really suit me too, this was encouraging for me because at least now I have more pieces than I started which and I feel more pulled together which song choices.

We didn’t go through ‘Heaven Help my Heart’ from Chess because we have already gone through it the last time I had a lesson with her. However, I think that the song choice is a great one and so I just need to go home and keep practising it.

We then looked at other songs that she wants me to learn for the next lesson which are as follows:

  1. Mr Hoppalong Heartbreak – Jason Robert Brown
  2. Jazz Time – Margueritte
  3. China Doll – Margueritte
  4. Mein Herr – Cabaret

These songs are something that I would have never found on my own and I am really happy that she has an eye for the songs that suit my voice.

Here are some videos of the songs to give me an insight as to what the songs sound like:

Number 1 –

Number 2 –

Number 3 –

Number 4 –

Later in the day I decided that to make most of my time that it would be good if I read a play. So I went to the office and asked Lynn and Erica if they had a good play for me to borrow so that I could read. They did. They gave me the play ” by .

I was starting to read the play but I felt exhausted so I looked after Rio and shortly after fell asleep for about 15 mins. After I woke up I was in so much pain that I couldn’t move. I felt really sick and dizzy and I passed out. I later found out that I was unresponsive for 10 minutes. The ambulance was rung and I was taken to hospital with Jordan and I stayed there for 6 hours. I have been told to take the week off college and I was given some really really strong drugs that knocked me out for hours.



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