Looking back at the footage of the evening I think that overall I did really well. I held down my nerves and you couldn’t really tell how I was really feeling through my voice. It sounded smooth and precise and I think that I put the emotions through the song well. Also, the high notes in the middle to the end of the song were well executed and its something that I really enjoyed singing.

The next time that we do something like this I will want to do a monologue because they are the most difficult part for me. I get so nervous that I just try to bottle them up and I decided to leave them and not work on them. I need to find some more monologues and work on them every single day up till my auditions so that I can adapt to working as different characters.

I have found a couple that I am going to start off with looking at. There are a few more songs that I am going to look at and B has decided to choose some more for me to look at.


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