Solo Singing Lesson with B.

So today I had to be in Week B because I missed the previous week due to being ill. I went into the lesson a little cold which is not great just before you sing. Anyway, I have been struggling with my voice and so I haven’t been singing what so ever for the past week because I didn’t want to damage anything. I have been thinking about the different pieces of music that I have in my portfolio and I feel that none of the pieces a part from ‘Why was I born’ and ‘If I loved you’ are the only two songs that I like. However B looked at all of my pieces and decided that the majority of my pieces shouldn’t be used in an audition because there are either over used or the writers for example are not liked and there are contrasting opinions about them.

So overall when we looked at all of my pieces there were only a couple which she thought I should keep. So we looked at the songs list that Paul linked on Facebook and she went through the songs that she thought would suit my voice type. So then we went to the library


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