26.09.16 – Jazz, Tap, Practical


Today in Jazz we looked over our old routine and perfected the things that we thought looked messy. We then learnt a new routine as a whole group for one of the sections of music when it becomes slower and feels more elegant. I really enjoyed this part of the lesson because it looked pretty and it was a chance to show off my dance flexibility and elegant transitions. I was paired with Vicky, our part was the opposite to everyone else’s because we were doing the opposite to what the majority of the class was doing. There were three sections and for my part I went in-between on of the spaces of them and we were entwined together.

The slow section included turns, slow arm movements, back arches, pirouettes, slow hitch kicks, jumps, jumps in the air and turning to land. I really liked using the whole of my body to represent the feelings and letting those watching know that I feel beautiful and they story behind it is strong.

Next, we looked at the contrasting position that the other characters would be in. This includes the fear and bewilderment. Therefore we listened to the music that we are dancing to and thought about what we could include to make someone feel intimidated and lost of love. Sophia volunteered to be the person that was feeling the fear and was centre of the piece for this section of music. We were split into two groups and on both the sides we linked to each other and then walked slow, ballet steps, pulled our knee in front of our stomach and then turning to walk backwards. This is repeated 3 times until we are surrounding Sophia. Then we fall to one knee, controlled and slow until we are closer to her so that we are too close for comfort which is when Sophia swaps positions with Faye. This is the next section of the dance were we are the flames of hell. Faye is in hell and she is the most fearful, therefore hell takes advantage of her fears and uses them to it’s advantage. This therefore gives us an opportunity to use different levels. Some are on the floor in front of her, others are surrounding her sides on their knees, then Tom is behind her and they do a lift. In my opinion this shows how fear can take hold of you to the point where you don’t know how to cope and she is representing the people that surrender to the fear and is consumed.

Later, after doing this we did a couple of lifts that we thought would be interesting to include. So Tom and Scott where in the centre of the room and there were three girls for each boy to try these lifts with. What we had to do was jump into an arabesque and then rest on their upper thighs. In my opinion I think it was harder for the males to do this move because they have not really done any lifting before and because we all weigh different amounts it would be harder to judge how much or little effort you should put into the move. After achieving this we looked at a harder move which is where the girl is in arabesque shape and then she kicks into a hitch kick and brings her leg back into the lean position. This was harder for the female I reckon because the male already knows what he has to do because it is the same technique as before but the female has to use her core to get back to position quick enough for him to catch her straight after she does the hitch kick.

Next lesson we will be working on this again because we need to build up the strength to do all of the moves without letting the audience know that’s its hard work. The audience should see the move as flawless as the end result can be.


For the tap lesson with Sarah we looked at the previous dance choreography that we had. Revisiting the steps for me wasn’t hard, its like second nature. I love tap so much and I pick up things really quickly when I am trying to focus different moves or moves that we have just learnt. My capability of learning new movements and steps in tap is one of my strongest areas.

We then looked at the dance sequence section which is something that was harder for me to pick up the first time round, but now that I have practised it I think I have got the move down. Here is a video of the 2nd time that I tried out this sequence.

Here is another video showing the new advanced time step that I have been asked to learn for Sarah. After looking a sequenced tap choreography we looked at time steps and because I know them all and I can perform them accurately Sarah decided that it was about time that I looked at something new and try to perfect that also.

After Jazz and Tap I had a practical lesson which is were we looked at our fellow classmates presentations of their practitioners for their assignments. I will leave a link below of the feeback and my opinions and things to the page containing all that information.


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