Today Gary had some previous students come in that are now third years at Guildhall. We all gathered in T0.07 and we did a warm up with everyone. This was to calm our nerves and feel comfortable with one another. I really enjoyed this part of the time that we spent with them because it was relaxed. However, not really knowing the year 1’s very well it was a chance to get to know them.

We were then given time slots to go in and see them as if it was a real audition for drama schools. So when it was my turn I went in there with confidence and a smile on my face and they asked me a few questions about myself and what I thought about the drama schools I am applying for. They then asked me to tell them what monologues I had. I listed all 4 including my Shakespeare’s even though I am less confident on those than the modern. They asked me to pick my favourite and perform it to them. So I did. I took a minute to compose myself and then went ahead.

They seemed to be impressed and so I smiled once I had finished. They asked me to do it again but do it in a way that I was talking to little children. As I did this it made them laugh and it was an emotion that I could bounce off. I really enjoyed the experience and the chance to perform for someone that I felt comfortable in front of.

I was then asked to sing a song unaccompanied. I let them choose the song and they chose ‘I’m not afraid of anything’ Songs for a new world. They liked the choice and thought it really suited my voice and it was well known to them so they were comfortable that I would know it.


  • Brilliant energy and showed real commitment
  • Even though you are applying for more MT courses you were so prepared and show how much work you are willing to put in.
  • Keep playing around with different pieces. Lovely singing too!
  • Be as confident with the acting as you are with the singing.


  • Don’t use monologue books because it says ‘lazy’
  • Know your pieces so well that you can play them at speed and in a 100 different ways.
  • Rehearse your pieces with lots of different partners so you can play off someone.
  • Only choose parts within your casting
  • Don’t act emotion, feel it! Looking for truth
  • Be yourself, the best of yourself at audition. They need to get to know you and want to know, you.

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