22.09.16 – Employability and Directed Study. Acting.


I was ready to continue working on updating my WordPress blogs and working on finishing my Task 1 for tomorrow. Instead, John wanted us to make a table on Excel and fill it out as if we were timetabling our day. So I did. It took about 15 minutes in total to fill out the whole table and finish off a test that I had to do online for my personal records. Here is the end result:

In directed study I went over my pieces to practise for auditions that I will soon be applying for. I think that playing with my character and space awareness has really helped pull my pieces together.

Acting Class with Erica:

Today in Erica’s class we focused on Phycological Actions. We had a hat and inside the hat we had different emotions/feelings that we would use in a situation. To start off with we picked a sentence that we would use to show the emotions. The sentence that we used was ‘Do you want that chair?’ I was picked out to do the first saying which was ‘to discourage’ and so I shouted at Erica to make her feel insecure and make her feel as if she has done something wrong, because the key for Phycological Actions is to make the opposite person feel the ’emotion’ rather than you feeling it. You have to act in such a way that the opposite person is affected and not yourself.

I really enjoyed doing this and after a while we got used to it and we were given a script to work on in pairs. I went with Daytona and I think that we did really well. I enjoyed picking emotions up at random and playing different ways to say the script with the partner. One of my favourites was ‘Under-minding’. We performed these in front of the class with new emotions and it was interesting to see how people adapted.

After doing this we looked at pieces. I told Erica the pieces that I have ready for auditions so far. These include:

Modern –

Catherine’s Monologue – The Proof – David Auburn

Angela’s Monologue – Like a Virgin – Gordon Steel

Shakespeare –

Miranda’s Monologue – The Tempest

Emelia’s Monologue – The Comedy Of Errors

Jessica’s Monologue – The Merchant of Venice

She decided that she wanted to see Emelia’s Monologue and so I got up and tried to perform. I was so nervous that I couldn’t remember any of the words. I was so embarrassed because I do actually know all of the words but because I was under so much pressure, I just forgot everything. Also, it doesn’t help that I hadn’t set this piece yet and so I was making up the staging as I went along.

I was given some feedback from everyone in my class which I think really helped:

  • Speak the words at the front of the mouth so it is easier to understand what I am saying
  • Pauses
  • Staging – I had my back to the audience without realising and its something I have to take under consideration

Overall, I think this session had really helped me identify what I need to work on and little things that I have to consider for all my pieces, not only specific ones.


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