21.09.16 – Directed Study and Practical

Today the majority of my day was self directed so therefore I went through my monologues and started playing with the space that I had in the room. I practised a little in E0.44 but because the year 1’s had lessons in there I didn’t have much choice but to sit in Purple Haze and work quietly.

Practical Lesson:

We were located in the Dance Studio. However, the teacher’s had forgotten that we had a lesson and so I just took advantage of the time that I had and started looking for music inspired by Jerome Robbins’ dance. At first I found a piece of music that I liked because it had dynamics in and it sounded like a ballet piece however I realised that it was really slow and because Jerome used Jazz for most of his pieces I wanted to find something that was a little more upbeat so that not only the girls would enjoy it, but the boys also. I started looking at some ballet choreography that was inspired by ‘Afternoon of a fawn’ I don’t know all the technique names and movements I didn’t think it would be a good idea to do a piece based on Ballet because I am inexperienced in it.

I asked Sarah for some help when we were in this lesson to ask her for some help on picking some choreography. I figured that she couldn’t come up with the choreography because it is my work that I am being graded on and that wouldn’t be fair or allowed. So instead I asked her for some inspiration. So we looked at ‘West Side Story’ and the 60’s music that Jerome uses. The pieces are lively and energetic which is something that I was looking for to choreograph some Jazz technique and a little ballet.

The lesson ended soon enough so I didn’t have that space anymore so I did a little more research on Jerome Robbins and continued looking for movements that I could include in my own dance. This consisted of looking at dance routines of all different genres to tell the difference between them all.


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